Interest form
    • Flexural strength (MPa)


    • Compressive strength (MPa)


    • Water absorption at atmospheric pressure (% wt)


    • Apparent density (Kg/m3)


Volakas white marble is mined in the Falakro mountain, in Drama, an area very rich in raw marble materials. It is a white-background dolomitic marble with uniform grey or brown veins, sometimes running diagonally and others in a wave pattern. Volakas marble is particularly popular abroad, especially in the Far East, both for linings and for flooring, due to its unique beauty and its special characteristics. For this reason, it is often called the Carrara marble of Greece

Petrographic analysis: Dolomitic marble 

Mineral composition: Main minerals: dolomite (> 91.5%) and calcite (8.5%)

Applications: The characteristic veins and banding on its surface make Volakas marble a unique choice for wall coverings with the book-matching technique. Additionally, depending on the finish (e.g. matt or polished, etc.) it can be used in floor layers but also in internal or external marble fittings. Finally, it is often chosen to give unique interior design solutions.

Finishes: Polished, Matt.