Interest form
    • Flexural strength (MPa)


    • Compressive strength (MPa)


    • Water absorption at atmospheric pressure (% wt)


    • Apparent density (Kg/m3)


Tinos Marble is mined in the privately owned quarry of Dionyssomarble in the Cycladic island of Tinos.

It has a characteristic green colour in various tones, enriched by white-green and white veins and spots. These light-coloured veins are cracks filled with calcite. Green Tinos Marble is a timeless choice for reception areas of urban residences as well as luxury hotels in Greece. It has travelled and has been applied to large emblematic buildings both in Greece and abroad, such as the United Nations. It is marble of excellent quality and of high technical specifications. 

Petrographic analysis: Serpentitic marble 

Mineral Composition: 60% serpentite and chlorite, 35% calcite, <5% magnetite & Fe - sulfides.

Applications: Green Tinos Marble is appropriate for any type of application, both in the construction of buildings, as well as in decoration. 

It is ideal for indoor flooring and vertical surfaces, including spaces with special requirements such as bathroom walls. Its colour and white veins give a special character to small spaces, while it is often found in combination with other marble or mineral or building materials.

Suggested finishes: Polished, Matt, Antique.