Interest form
    • Flexural strength (MPa)


    • Compressive strength (MPa)


    • Water absorption at atmospheric pressure (% wt)


    • Apparent density (Kg/m3)


Naxos marble, also known as Naxian Marble, is known for its excellent quality characteristics. Its colour varies from white, off-white to very dark grey. It is mined on the Cycladic island of Naxos, famous for its long tradition in marble quarrying. It has been used in many types of projects in Greece and abroad, of high requirements and specifications, but also in more common and commercial applications. 

Petrographic analysis: Calcitic marble 

Mineral composition: 98% calcite and 2% quartz 

Applications: Naxos Marble is suitable for any application. It is distinguished for its high strengths in any installation and for any stress. It is often found in vertical lining, floors, stairs, fireplaces, sanitary ware, monuments and many other applications. 

Finishes: Polished, Matt, Bush Hammered, Antique