Interest form
    • Flexural strength (MPa)


    • Compressive strength (MPa)


    • Water absorption at atmospheric pressure (% wt)


    • Apparent density (Kg/m3)


Livadia marble has a long tradition in the Greek market. It is black in colour and has a characteristic white crystal. It is mined in Livadia and is one of the few black marble found in Greece. It is robust and durable and suitable for all uses, internal and external. 

Petrographic analysis: Calcitic marble 

Mineral composition: Main minerals: calcite (approx. 96%), dolomite (4%)

Applications: The black Livadia marble is suitable for any type of application. It is ideal for indoor flooring, walls. However, it is widely used for panels and decorative elements. Stairs, fireplace lining, kitchen countertops, marble sills, fountains, monuments and statues are just some of its most famous applications. 

Suggested Finishes: Polished, Matt, Sandblasted, Antique.