Interest form
    • Flexural strength (MPa)


    • Compressive strength (MPa)


    • Water absorption at atmospheric pressure (% wt)


    • Apparent density (Kg/m3)


Kavala Marble is a white marble with black veins, less or more intense. It is mined in the wider area of Kavala and is known for its colour and commercial  feature. It is classified among off-white marble and is an ideal solution for places of intensive use and wear such as lobbies, corridors, stairs, etc. 

Petrographic analysis: Calcitic marble 

Applications: The off-white Kavala Marble is suitable for any type of application. 

Ιts mineralogical composition along with its value for money character, makes it the most appropriate proposition for exterior floors in balconies, terraces, interiors, such as corridor lining, halls, staircases as well as bathroom and kitchen areas. 

Suggested finishes: Polished, Matt, Bush Hammered, Sandblasted, Antique, Chiselled, Bookmatch