The Company

Leaders in marble production, processing and trade

Dionyssomarble holds a leading position in the production, processing and trade of marble and other decorative rocks. Moreover, we use the raw materials available to offer other products, such as marble dust and calcium carbonate filler.

The company enjoys a historic course of more than 100 years, acquiring a prominent position both in Greece and abroad. The company’s name has become synonymous with reliability, consistency and continuity in all areas of operation. We heavily invest in our people, making sure to incorporate talent among scientists/engineers, as well as experienced technicians and technicians who transmit knowledge and experience to the younger generations of workers. We strive to create a working environment for our employees that recognises and leverages their skills, and we constantly invest in their capacity-building and development.
The cornerstone behind the company's success is the excellent quality of the marble it extracts in Dionyssos, Attica, as well as of all other products, mainly raw materials based on Pentelicon marble.

Dionyssomarble's on-going objectives are the following:

  • Optimum quality of products and services at competitive prices
  • Capable and adequately trained staff in an excellent working environment
  • Modern technological equipment and production methods to continuously improve productivity and reduce costs
  • Respect to the community and the natural environment