Reducing the environmental footprint through environmental actions

Responsibility towards the natural and social environment

Our sense of responsibility towards the natural and social environment drives the company to provide for and take substantial environmental measures, ensuring a gradually reduction in its environmental footprint.

The company's concern for the environment translates into actions such as:

  • Actions for the care and restoration of the environment.
  • Ensuring the restoration and promotion of old and inactive quarry areas (Aloula).
  • Restoring the exhausted sections of the quarries it exploits.
  • Planting and reforestation of the neighbouring burnt areas. It ensures the complete recycling of all consumables and raw materials used in the production activity.
  • Carrying out measurements of environmental factors (dust, noise, water quality, etc.) and taking the necessary measures to improve its performance.
  • Carrying out underground mining operations in order to reduce both the visual pollution and the soil surface deterioration.
  • It is an independent Civil Protection Foundation and participates with its own resources and staff in the prevention and suppression of major disasters (fires, snowploughs, etc.).
  • It measures water consumption and makes sure to recycle almost all the water it manages in its facilities.