Standard Marble Production Unit

Modern equipment, a unique experience in marble management

At the company's premises in Dionyssos, Attica, within the quarry area, we have developed a special unit for the processing, cutting, as well as trading of slabs and finished marble products, since 1972. It carries out projects for individuals, technical companies and marble professionals (wholesale-retail) both in Greece and abroad.

In the plant a wide range of products is being produced, such as slabs, of standard and special dimensions, tiles and special constructions not only from Dionyssos marble, but also from many, different marble and stones from Greece and around the world.

The plant has a capacity of over 50,000m2 per year and its mechanical equipment is constantly modernised. Apart from the usual marble processing machinery, there is also a CNC, a water jet cutter, a wire cutter, making the plant very well equipped to fully meet any kind of request.

Our staff enjoys a vast experience and know-how on marble processing, while our work is characterised by the utmost precision. Those characteristics combined with the possibilities of various marble choices (colour matching of slabs), make our unit extremely effective in the execution of projects with particular specifications and quality requirements.