Methods of underground exploitation with zero environmental footprint

Pioneers in the underground exploitation of marble deposits in Greece

Preventing environmental burden on its sensitive area of operation is DIONYSSOMARBLE’s main concern. The increased demand for ornamental stones has led to intensive exploitation of the existing marble quarries. The gradual depletion of surface deposits is a direct consequence of this increase. For this reason, DIONYSSOMARBLE proceeded to exploit part of its deposit using underground methods, which are known worldwide for their minimal environmental footprint. To achieve this goal, the company participated in a three-year research programme of the European Union, in the period 1999 – 2001. In cooperation with academic institutions and mining industries from EU countries, we developed an integrated methodology of planning and programming for underground marble mining. DIONYSSOMARBLE with its invaluable experience and knowledge is pioneering in the underground exploitation of marble deposits in Greece and aspires to increase this activity in the future.