Dionyssomarble Company is a leader in the production, processing and trading of marbles and other decorative stones. Furthermore, the company utilizes the raw materials available, by producing and trading of other products like marble dust and calcium carbonate powders (fillers).
The company  has a long history and prominent presence in both the domestic market and abroad. Its name is synonymous to reliability, consistency and continuity in all areas of activity. Furthermore, the company invests heavily in the human factor, recruiting and maintaining staff consisting of skilled engineers and technicians who can transfer their knowledge and experience to the newer generation of employees. The company’s primary objective is to create a work environment that recognizes and utilizes its employees' potential, as well as investing continuously in their knowledge and evolvement.
The force that drives the company's success is the top quality marble quarried in Dionyssos - Attica, as well as of all the products for which Pentelicon marble is the basic raw material. 
Below are listed the fundamental objectives of Dionyssomarble :

• Optimal product and service quality at competitive prices
• Skilled, effectively trained personnel operating in an excellent work environment
• The use of modern engineering equipment and production methods aimed at the continuous improvement of productivity and cost reduction
• Expansion of sales network in the domestic market and abroad
• Respect to the community and the natural environment

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