Natural coated calcium carbonate powder NOVOCARB COATED

  • NOVOCARB COATED products are delivered in:

    Paper bags of 25kg Big-Bags

    Bulk with silo trucks.

Natural coated calcium carbonate powder CaCO3 is a filler that is widely used in many applications in plastics and PVC industries.

NOVOCARB COATED products are produced by special surface treatment of simple NOVOCARB products. Their surface treatment with stearin of plant origin produces absolutely hydrophobic materials.

Their technical specifications are met by strict quality controls based on:

- Measurements of grain size distribution based on gaseous dispersion by laser technology.

- Measurements of grain size distribution using the classic Air Jet Shifter method.

- Whiteness index measurements (ASTM313), with laser technology.

- Measurements of humidity index with microwave technology.

NOVOCARB COATED natural coated calcium carbonate products are presented below in detail.  Granulometry distributions of each product, as well as applications in the major markets and industries are being recorded.

d(0.50 d(0.97) L*
NOVOCARB 10C 3.0 10.0 98.0
NOVOCARB 20C 4.0 20.0 97.5
NOVOCARB 25C 6.0 25.0 97.0
MAIN APPLICATIONS PVC products, Cables, Masterbatches, Paints & primers

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