Pius church -Meggen, Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

From the outside, Pius Church in Meggen, Lake Lucerne, looks like just another modern steel frame construction.   What makes Pius Church unique is the fact, that instead of glass, concrete or metal, very thin translucent plates of marble were used to build the façade. Daylight shining through the natural marble structures in warm ochre tones creates a mystic ambience.

Pius Church was built by architect Franz Füeg from Solothurn between 1964 and 1966. The building is a simple cube with no windows as the 28 mm [1 1/10''] thin plates from Pentelicon marble are about as translucent as painted glass windows in other churches.  Within each "column," the Pentelicon marble  is cut from the same block for consistency of veining, which further emphasizes the "column" reading as opposed to "skin," particularly from the inside. Füeg echoed Loos, Mies, and Semper, seeking "an ornament that doesn't need to be added, but can emerge from the very nature of the construction.
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